Monday, January 14, 2013

A Letter to Myself

You have got to trust the Universe. You have got to believe in the goodness of the forces that protect us every moment of the day. Their protection is not dependent on your plans. Their benevolence is not yours to demand or command.

A life wrought with anxiety is not life, so what that you are acutely aware of the fragility of life. A life spent doing what you are passionate about is infinitely better than one that saps you of your principles and objectives. You've got to embrace it without regrets.

Life is strange. Life is odd. It is all this and more. But one thing it is not is easy, however badly you may desire that. An easy life is a life half lived. A half-lived life only leads to moral and spiritual bankruptcy. What is the protection in such poverty?

Nothing gold can stay. Change will come. It is inevitable.  Either you let yourself be carried away by it wherever it wants, or take the steering wheel in your hands and decide where to go. How is being carried away nobler than deciding where to go? Don't shirk the responsibility.

Throw away this guilt and this anxiety. There, see them blow away with the wind. Get up. Smile. Trust. Live.

It's time now. 

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