Monday, July 23, 2012

The Quick Fixer

I seek pills for all ailments, quick solutions to problems
Get rid of them as quickly as possible- that's my philosophy.
Having faced enough of it, I see no nobility in suffering.

But even I, quick fixer, know that not everything has an answer, 
Not every ailment curable, not every problem... 
...a challenge to be overcome by hard work and smarts.

Specialists will give you antibiotics for your son's mycoplasma,
And new-age tricks to quieten his sinuses
But they have nothing to fix the loneliness eating into his young heart.

They have pricey treatments for your heartburn and asthma
Why, ingrate, didn't they just pull you out from the jaws of anaphylactic death?
But they have nothing for the anxiety that darkens your green mountain dreams.

If you try hard or smart enough, you will find some way (or someone) to...
...fix that layout, get that interaction to work, send that darn demo!
But there is no easy way to fix your irascible boss's quick temper.

The whole household may be marching to the beat of your drums
Change that bulb. Find that tool. Can we stop that door from creaking?
But no handyman can find lost friends and mend broken trusts.

You may have played a few life tricks better than others, you smart you!
But no Google search will lead you to enlightenment.
And girlfriend, there is no pill for the malady called life. 


  1. This touched me deeply. Life is great, but it is tough. You write for all of us struggling with it.


  2. I read all your posts last week. Each is better than the last. How can you feel inadequate?

    This post is sad, but not really. The Buddhist in me understands that some things take a whole lot of effort, but can be solved. There may not be a short cut, but there is a road.

  3. Deep and hard hitting.