Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our First Craft Project!

Yesterday in the morning, Aloka, Mallika and I did our first caft project together- a garden scene. I had bought the supplies a day ago from Bras Basah and the idea was from Aloka's TV channel. We worked at it for over 2 hours.

Aloka stuck flowers in flower beds made with modelling clay and painted the sticks to be used as tree trunks. She then branched out with painting all kinds of papers and making a mess of the floor and her body with paint. Mallika was charged with building the fence using iceream sticks and fevicol. It took a very long time because  the glue won't stick properly. Then she got down to making a bench for our garden and it was the most frustrating exercise. We had a bench of sorts after trying 4-5 different ideas. I cut out cardboard for trees, painted paper for the pond, cut out grass and bushes and put everything together. It was the most fun we have had as a family together, perhaps more fun for the adults than the child! :)

Here is our masterpiece.

And some pictures of work in progress...

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