Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Conspiring Universe and the Sabbatical

I am on a sabbatical. The word means a rest from work or a temporary hiatus. After I left my job at KP, I allowed myself 3 months of stressfree unemployment. In this period, I have disallowed myself any type of worry or panic about my source of income and focus instead on spending time chanting and being with my kids.

Surprisingly, days are flying by in a hurry. Instead of thinking of ways how to kill time, I am desperately trying to slow it down. I am more relaxed than ever before. The 3-4 paths opening in front of me haven't succeeded in shaking my state of mind. I see each as a possibility, some more exciting than others, but nothing more. I know the right decision will be made and wait for the Universe to disclose its conspiracy to me, slowly.

While the Universe is busy conspiring, small creatures like I take a sabbatical!

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