Thursday, May 19, 2011

With Bated Breath!

If you tell my life story real quickly, like 15 minutes for each phase, it will make for a very interesting story.

My childhood growing up in a middle class doctor family, the persistent illness, the lonely adolesence, the crazy out-of-control teenage years, my poverty-ridden early married life, IIT Delhi, the experiments with religion, my miraculous motherhood, NIIT, the worsening illness, the divorce and the move to Singapore, the experience of hell and rebirth, Buddhism, getting close to my family again, health regained, KP, Atreya growing up, travel and then Aloka...

What's next for you Puja? What twist are you going to add my dear? We are all waiting with bated breath.


  1. The resignation, the calling names and the orakhan

  2. You mean the CHIEF ASSHOLE OFFICER!!! Ha ha!