Monday, May 9, 2011


Coming out of Shaw Plaza, I looked across the street and saw the food stall where mom, Atta and I had a horrid midnight feast a few months ago after a late night movie. Oh the memory of that great movie (Hereafter), horrid food (Bak Kut Teh), best possible amazing company (mummy and Atta), and such a wonderful beautiful night!

This time the reaction was not in my heart, but in my whole body. My feet stopped mid stride, as if by stopping, they could stop time. I fought a wave of sadness at the end of this beautiful story, of late night movies, of walks along Balestier Road, of introducing mom to our crazy rituals.

Atta and I both laughed at the memory. When I mentioned my sadness, Atta said something like if this comes to an end, something else will come alive. How does he know all this?

So instead of wallowing in my sadness, we decided to make some more memories. At 11 pm that night, Atta and I walked the length of Balestier Road, then on an impulse, looked for a hawker center, and in its search walked back almost the whole length, ate some nonsense, and then hailed a cab, reaching home way past midnight.

My son, my life, my memories.  


  1. Yes I too remember. But more than that i remember the very very hot(chilly) meal we had in China town with aloka asleep on the table and we pouring from practically all orifices. Night to remember. We did not see any thing else

  2. We have done it again, but this time the dinner came first followed by movie. To add to the experience Naresh was with us. After the Peking duck and the walk along Orchard street the "Life of Pi" was most appreciated by Aloka who laughed when all laughed and loudest too.