Thursday, April 5, 2012


What is it about children as they transition into adulthood...

1. You can't enter their rooms without knocking, but they can barge into yours without warning any time of the day and night.

2. You can't touch their laptops, but they can watch full length movies on yours at their convenience.

3. You have to tiptoe around their rooms when they are sleeping, but they can wake you up in the middle of the night to talk about what's bothering them without a second thought.

4. You can't venture near them when they are on the phone (with a fellow nerd discussing the most banal physics equation), but they can loll around on your bed overhearing every bit of the deeply personal conversation you are having with your best friend.

5. Oh and how can I forget...they can devour in 10 minutes the meal you painstakingly cooked for over two hours and just as you start feeling proud of yourself, make you feel like the cruel stepmother by saying "What, no dessert?"!

What is it about children as they transition into adulthood that they do all of the above and still continue to be loved by their mommies!


  1. Ha ha! I don't have a teen, but remember being one not long ago. I was like that to my mama. I love the way you articulate these things, so simply and heart-warmingly.

  2. Well, I am STILL like a teen for my mom! I never grew up in some ways!