Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Stories (At Least)

Today while talking to a colleague, the conversation drifted towards what we really want to achieve in life. Out of the blue, I articulated something that I have been trying to capture for so long in vain, until now.

I want to deeply impact the lives of 10 childeren. Not superficially, but deeply. By love, presence and example.

That's what I want to do. 10 stories. At least.


  1. I try making differences in the children's lives. Yet no one appreciates deeply saddens me, you know...

  2. Gautami, I don't agree that no one appreciates teachers - but yes, we do take them for granted when they are around. Look at us, how cruel we were to our teachers when at school, but now, in hindsight we do deeply appreciate many of them.

    The only problem is, there is MUCH too little vocalisation of this appreciation for teachers... a HUGE mistake.

  3. Ladies, I have been quiet because I have mixed feelings.

    My school teachers gave me nothing but grief. Unlike you Suchi, I don't have positive memories. I only remember cruelty and power games that were so pointless. Where there was civility, there was so much holding back and such huge walls between the two sides. I look back incredulously and have litle understanding of why this happened. G, you've got to help me understand from your perspective as a teacher now.

    I believe the teacher-student relationship has so much potential. Because it didn't happen to me, I have an even more acute awareness of its power. G, if you are doing anything for the students, I have no doubt their lives are affected. Absolutely no doubt. Recognition may be lacking, by them now or by others, but the value is not lost.