Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Happy Speck!

Here, where we live,
for a brief five minutes or so,
mountains turn pink.

And a bright star, a planet perhaps,
winks at me and my little girl
for as long as we can bear to be outdoors in the cold.

And the moon lights up the sky
turning the valley silver
as we peep gleefully out of the window.

And the river flows noisily
All year round
like an impish happy young girl.

And the sun becomes friendly for a few hours
burning fiercely until it heartlessly cools down
like a lover who's lost interest.

And the clouds paint wild pictures
in bold strokes
welcoming and bidding goodbye to glorious days.

Here, where we live,
mountains rule the world
and I am reduced to a speck of dust.

A happy speck.

1 comment:

  1. Yes these mighty mountains do make one look like insignificant particles. God's choreography makes on feel so small and stunted. But my eyes feast upon these changing colours. I am grateful that I am here in this beautiful valley with my highly expressive daughter who has penned these lines.