Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This World and That!

In this world, rules run amok
Don't smoke, and hey don't fuck...
In that world, no one gives a damn
Propriety, sobriety, all a sham.

In this world, act on a cue
You are what others see of you...
In that world, be stripped clean
Pretenses don't mean a thing.

In this world, watch your stuff
Save this, hoard that, it's never enough...
In that world, there are no doors
What is mine, darling, is as much yours.

In this world, I fit a role
Have a past, gotta have a goal...
In that world, time's gone astray
You die and live today.

I don't fit in, if you say
Then you must know what's amiss...
I am of that world
Though I live in this!

1 comment:

  1. Incredibly true. Very few of us manage to shake off the shackles of sobriety and propriety and enjoy every moment of life. Experience every flavour and breathe in every storm :-)
    Beautifully written.