Thursday, November 7, 2013

Everyone but her!

In the morning, I wake up to the muted clitter clatter from the kitchen. I know mommy is making my breakfast and school lunch. Often I can guess what she is making by the smells that come wafting into the bedroom. Sometimes, I hear her singing one of her many favorite boring "village" songs. Sometimes, she whistles. I keep lying in bed thinking nice thoughts. Whenever I hear her footsteps, I close my eyes and pretend I am sleeping. Sometimes she thinks I am really sleeping, but sometimes she knows I am pretending and makes me laugh by saying something funny. I always give her a hard time getting out of bed. She starts nicely but when I refuse to get up, she gets tough and uses her threatening voice. There is no need actually, because everybody knows I will get out of bed soon. In the bathroom, I take a long time and then make a mess brushing my teeth. I leave toothpaste all over the sink and splashes of water on the floor. When she sees it, she glares at me and tells me tooth fairy will be angry. That's not true. Everyone knows tooth fairy only cares for clean teeth, not clean bathrooms. Then she changes me into my uniform. I make a lot of fuss and complain about this and that and everything. She threatens to send me to school without clothes. Everyone knows she won't do that ever. Next comes the hair, which is the worst thing because it really hurts. She says she is doing her best to be gentle but everyone knows she can do a better job. Every time I cry out, she asks the same question "Who asked you to grow your hair, you or I?" No need to ask that question when everyone knows the answer. When I keep squirming and crying, she threatens to cut my hair. I become quiet because from where we sit in the dining room, I can see the pair of yellow scissors hanging in the kitchen. I eat my breakfast quickly because I like the stuff she makes. She always wants to know how it tastes. No need to ask because everyone knows she is a great cooker. The last thing I have to do before leaving the house is wear my shoes, but I keep waiting until I hear her say she will send me to school without my shoes. Everyone knows that's not going to happen either. In the car, she tries to make conversation, but I keep looking out. Sometimes I smile at her but I never answer her questions. Everyone knows I don't like to answer questions in the morning. When we get to the school, she holds my hand and takes me to the bag aunty. I hear her say "Bye darling, have fun" but I don't respond. Everyone knows there is no fun when I am away from my mommy. Everyone but her. 

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  1. I have been talking to Aloka and figuring out what goes on in her head when she gives me hell in the mornings. This post is a result of those talks. About 80% is based on what she was able to articulate. The rest I made up.