Sunday, April 27, 2014

This World Needs More Lovers

I support all lovers- young, old, gay, lesbians, and other kinds I may not know of- all of them, because love, of all things, needs to be supported and protected and encouraged.

It seems so obvious that love is a good thing, and no one should be waging a war against it, but everywhere I look, there are wars going on.

In this rural setting where I live, love between a young girl and boy is considered something filthy. In the western world, gay marriages are a source of great turmoil, and everywhere, gays are targets of hatred and humiliation.

If wars must be waged, shouldn't it be against terrible things that happen all around us, like murder, cheating, robbing and treating people like shit? There is no shortage of these. Why target love?

A young lady recently said to me- "Why do Indians hate the idea that  some people might be enjoying sex"? I don't know why sweetie, but I surely know that hatred first hand.

I had faced a lot of flak back when I was a teen in love with my boyfriend. For my transgression, I was given two choices- either leave him or marry him. Basically, either jump down an abyss or into the stormy ocean. I chose the ocean because I fear heights, and can swim somewhat.

No teen should ever be asked to make that choice. I struggled in that ocean for 16 years, nearly drowning several times. It took me another six years to find my land legs. 22 years lost swimming in a sea that I should have been given a chance to step away from with dignity.

We were all prisoners of the times then. Each one. Those who judged and those who were judged. Prisoners of fear.

But now I have set myself free. In body and in mind. I am free to think differently, and act thus. And teach thus.

So, now I tell my kids not to hurt anyone willfully. I have drilled into them the problem with violence- how you can't just assume you are non-violent simply because you haven't inflicted it on anyone yet, how it sneaks up on you at your weakest moments, how it has to be actively banished from the mind for years for it to be conquered.

But I don't tell them to hate love, or to be ashamed of it, or to carry guilt just because someone makes you happy. Human bodies are designed for pleasure, when unadulterated with shame and guilt. People in love should enjoy this beauty and celebrate it. Love also makes lovers kinder and better. It gives opportunities to bring out the best in each other. More than anything else.

I support all lovers, because this world needs more love, and more lovers.

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