Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shame on you girls!

Atreya in his new T-shirt I got printed for him today. I had seen a guy wear something like this in one of B2R's centers in Uttarakhand and had been wanting to get it printed since then.

Seriously thinking of getting one printed for myself with "Shame on you guys. I am still single!". 


  1. so when are u getting your T shirt printed? You will have to hold a tree in your mouth Haha.

  2. Thanks mom. A tree indeed. I might as well not get the T printed! :D

    A friend suggested I get this printed instead "Single and food lover? Follow me!".

  3. Good idea. Who is this friend seems to know u well.Missing you terribly Aaja jaldi sey

  4. Haha Cool t-shirt. Did he wear it and did it help? :)

    1. He did wear it GM. But for the next question, you will have to ask him yourself!