Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Little Princess

Before our Lhasa trip, Swati asked me what she should get for Aloka as a gift. Considering Aloka's current obsessions, I told her to get any piece of clothing that is shimmering and flashy and girly- the kind of stuff she would NEVER buy for her own daughter if she had one (because that's the kind of thing I can never get myself to buy for Aloka)! Under no circumstances should she buy anything remotely sophisticated or elegant, or reflecting her own good taste!

So Swati bought her a princess dress straight out of a fairy tale. Pink and orange, shiny and shimmery, satin and gauze, lacy and flowy! To top it, she also bought a pink fuzzy crown.

Aloka fell in love with the dress the moment she saw it. Every other day she begs me to let her wear it to school. When that doesn't work, she insists on wearing it at home after school and on weekends. And every time she puts it on, she tells me how much she loves Swati, whom she has never ever met!

Here is my little princess in her Made in China, Bought in US, Worn in Singapore princess dress.



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  2. finally accepted my comment. daring to write some more. Puja you are extremely lucky to have such a doll of a daughter who keeps you in touch with life. I am equally lucky to have you as my daughter who looks after all my interest all the time.Thank you and keep it up.