Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Lunch

Is there a bigger joy than cooking great tasting food for people you love?

I learned about potato croquettes watching a show called David Rocco's Dolce Vita. Atta and I fell in love with this dish the first time I made it about 3 years ago. I made croquettes today for lunch for mummy, Atta and of course Aloka, who is the newest good food connoisseur in our house.

Boil potatoes. Cool down before mashing. Must be a dry mash.

Parmesan and mozzarella are the key ingredients.

Add Parmesan and salt/pepper to potato mix. Taste to make sure enough salt.

Aloka loves to eat this mixture uncooked. I just add some olive oil for her. 

 Fresh parsley is the best. I have also sometimes used parsley flakes from a bottle.
Chop and mix into the potato mix.

 Mozzarella for filling, egg and bread crumbs before frying.Fresh mozzarella (packed in water) is the best. My mom keeps reminding me not to get too dependent on these fancy ingredients. So I think paneer should also do!

Take a bit of the potato mix and flatten it on your palm.Add mozzarella or paneer inside. Too much will break the skin. Too little will be lost. So figure out the right amount by hit and trial! Close it up making sure it doesn't break.

Dip in beaten egg.

Roll in bread crumbs. 

And fry in extra virgin olive oil. Oil must be very hot before starting to fry.  

Looking yummy! Made about 12 of them. 

Atta and mom enjoying.

Aloka refused to leave her TV, so she ate alone.

 This is what the inside looks like. The mozzarella inside melts a bit and becomes stringy.

Check out the original recipe here:

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