Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Atta home for the weekend!

Last weekend, Atreya was home after 18 grueling days in the army camp. Just two days with us before he was to go back to back- (and spirit-) breaking army life. He said he felt like a prisoner out of jail.

All weekend, we huddled close together, talking, eating, laughing, hugging. No one in the family went out. No outsider was invited in. I cooked all meals except one (which Mallika stole from me by serving dosas for breakfast), each one a gift to my gentle loving son. Mommy and Atreya held long conversations that I strained to evesdrop on from the kitchen. Aloka alternated between bursts of affection and jealousy towards her soldier brother.

In between, we took short breaks from each other to do our stuff. Mom played letter linker, I uploaded pictures on Facebook, Aloka watched her Phineas and Ferb videos on the iPad, and Atta, the newly released prisoner....what did he do in his free time?

He spent his free time writing....like this simple but fantastic proof of what arithmetic mean means.

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