Sunday, February 12, 2012

What logos mean to Aloka!

A couple of weeks ago, I read this article about a 5-year old's interpretation of logos.

I decided to do the same with Aloka. I recorded the first attempt as a voice memo and it was most fun. Later I figured out that just the voice memo without the corresponding pictures was no good, so I decided to record a video. My later attempts with video were good for viewing but by then she had lost the spontaneity of the first attempt. For example, on the voice memo, she calls the Pepsi logo a shell, but on video, she calls it a ball. 

Here are some of the notable points:
  • KFC= McDonalds (There is so much happiness associated with these brands. You can hear it in her voice, even though we hardly eat there- in fact I don't think we have ever eaten at KFC with Aloka)
  • Bank of America= Beach mat
  • Disney= Movie time
  • GE logo= Globe
  • Sony Ericsson = Mars (!)

Then I tried the same with logos of some brands she has come in contact with here in Singapore. Some of these are international brands but some are purely Singaporean. 

Some notable points:
  • She recognized Atreya's JC logo from his badge he used to wear on his lapel! Honestly, I wouldn't have. 
  • Supermarkets like Cold Storage and NTUC are indistinguishable. 
  • NTUC means Thomson Plaza to her because we go to the Thomson Plaza NTUC every week. 
  • Both SMRT and SBS logos were familiar to her. She said PUBLIC BUS- a comment on our recent austerity measures! 
  • Because she loves going to Ikea, I thought she would recognize the logo, but she didn't. Thinking that the missing blue color was the problem, I showed her the picture of the logo on the store exterior and bingo...she recognized it immediately! Unfortunately, I didn't record this part. 

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