Monday, February 27, 2012

Who was that for?

Many years (perhaps 30 or so) ago, my mother and sister Anu were walking towards Central Market in Lajpat Nagar from my grandfather's house. Along the way, they had a major disagreement. The source of disgreement was a flattering comment "kaimon mishti" made by a couple of Bengali ladies who walked past them. For those who don't know Bangla, kaimon mishti means how sweet or how pretty. The problem was that the Bengali ladies did not specify the recipient of the compliment. My sister was convinced it was meant for her, whereas my mother was sure it was directed at her!

A few years later, I went with my mother to Central Market Lajpat Nagar (again!) to buy a nightie for my grandma, a small petite women. As my mom walked into the makeshift shop and asked to see nighties, the shopkeeper told her they didn't have them in extra-large size. That caused a disagreement between mom and me. Mom declared that she will never go clothes shopping with me again because I prompt the extra-large discussions, whereas I am telling you as I told her then twenty years ago, it had nothing to do with me and everything to do with her- I was outside the shop, out of sight of the shopkeeper.

But sometimes, there is no doubt who the comment is for. Once I was at a local shop (I think it was also at Central Market) by myself to buy some undergarments. The shopkeeper asked me what I wanted and then loudly shouted to his assistant to bring out the JUMBO panties! No kidding, God promise.


  1. pooja.. its so hilarious.. but yes.. it happened to me also lot many times.. have become larger after birth of my kiddos.. so a particular shop i went in the local market nearby.. the moment I entered.. the guy said maam sorry we dont keep ur size.. : I was so embarrased :))

    1. sorry its Puja and not pooja

    2. Preeti- good you corrected that Pooja to Puja. You remember how sticky I am about that. People can call me jumbo no issue, but call me Pooja and you have a big problem (pun unintended)!

      But really, if a shop doesn't keep clothes your size, they should shut down.

  2. Something related to this once occured when I went to buy vegetables from the local market in Moti bagh 1.I asked price of something and the fellow said, " Mataji, this is for ....." My mood was totally turned off. I resolved I shall never buy veg. from this person.I had to give it up because then I realised that I had entered this phase of Mataji sometimes unbeknownst to me.