Friday, March 30, 2012

Humble Stumble

It has been a full one year since I left KP and stepped into another world.

The best part of this experience was seeing how KP was perceived positively by people in the industry. People I had never met knew about me and my work at KP. Although I always knew we were doing good work, impressing customers and setting high standards, their reaction still doesn't cease to surprise me.

If this is a sign of my humility, I am happy to have it.

But not everyone I met was familiar with me. The worst was talking to them about myself, selling, proving, convincing that I was who they were looking for because there is no one else as good as me out there. I can't begin to describe how uncomfortable and soul-sucking I find that.

If this is also a sign of humility, then it hasn't done me much good here. 

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