Monday, May 28, 2012

May 26-June 10

Aloka and I are all by ourselves for the next two weeks. Mallika is visiting her family in India and Atreya is learning battle skills in a field camp. In this period, I have to make many adjustments to the lifestyle I'm used to, do things I am not fond of doing (e.g. ironing clothes) and not do things I am fond of (e.g. play Scramble). The same goes for Aloka. She has to spend longer hours in school so that I can have at least six hours at the office and be present for the most important meetings. And between every adjustment we make, we must take care of bezuban Anakin's basic needs.

I have been talking to Aloka generally about this two-week period for the last few days so that she is prepared.  Yesterday, I became more specific and told her that the key to having fun when its just the two of us is working together and helping each other. My rule is that for every NO that she says to me, I will have a corresponding NO for her...when she wants things from me. Simple and effective. On my part, I am committed to making sure she has a great time these two weeks and doesn't miss on any of the activities she is used to doing.

This morning, Aloka was as easy as a four-year old can get. She woke up on time, got dressed without a fuss and finished her breakfast, albeit semi-enthusiastically. She ran around helping me clean the house and put things back where they belonged so that the house will look inviting when we get back. In between, we talked a lot about her concerns and worries about staying back in school. By talking about these things and taking care of her simple requests (e.g. tell teacher Eileen not to give me a lot of food, tell teacher Leana to sit with me at the snack table etc), I hope she will settle down in the new routine without a lot of discomfort. 

Fingers crossed.

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