Thursday, September 20, 2012

The little peanut and the big hula hoop!

This is what happens when you give an adult-sized hula hoop to an energetic persistent 4-year old!


  1. Poor thing....liked her determination though.
    She did manage to hold it for a decent time. Frankly, I too couldn’t hold my laughter when the entire 'being' seemed like a springy dashboard doll!

    And what was it that she uttered just before the gravity finally took over?

    1. Haha, her whole body moves and shakes so frantically. She cracks me up every time she does that. And doesn't give up.

      She yelled Minga...that's her name for Mallika (short for Mallika nani). She wanted Minga to see also.

  2. She is such a tirring mirring wiry thing but I must say she managed the hoop beautifully.Love you both for this attempt.