Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mine forever

I look at every woman, to see a bit of myself in her. But everyone's a stranger to me, living in a different world than me. Some look tired, some content, some nervous, some lost, some busy, some secure, some thoughtful, some shy, some giggly, some bold- but no one looks like me. I see no one with the same heart as mine, or the same eyes, or the same carelessness, or the same care. I don't see my reflection in anyone. I look everywhere I go thinking there has to be someone. But there is no one.

But I am no fool. I know that they are the ones who belong. I am the alien here.

I live alone in my lonely lovely gated world. A few people enter my world but don't get beyond the first gate. My secret is mine. That everything I touch, touches me back. That everything I feel, senses me too. And that everything I love, becomes mine forever.

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