Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pop Anatomy!

During the 12-hour drive back home from Srinagar, mom and Aloka played many games, one of then being the anatomy game. This is how it went. 

Mom- Aloka, how many kidneys do you have? 
Aloka (confidently)- Two! 
Mom (with pride)- Very good. And where are these kidneys?
Aloka pointing to the middle of her chest- Here!
(Pop goes the proud nani's bubble. After a lot of laughter, the game continues. )

Mom- Aloka how many lungs do you have?
Aloka- Two! Right lung and left lung.
Mom (again with pride)- Wow that's great!
Aloka- One for eating and one for drinking.
(Pop, pop! There goes the bubble again)

Mom- What is the gall bladder for?
Aloka- What's that?
Mom- It's an organ that produces juices that help the liver...
Aloka- Juices? Nani, what flavour are those juices? Cranberry? Orange?
(Pop, pop, pop! That was the end of the anatomy class!)

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