Wednesday, September 3, 2014

RSO first batch

Today, I made my first batch of RSO. Writing this post to document some of the events and emotions as I went about it.

Mom, Sonu, Aloka and I went to Banjar valley near Kullu to collect the buds. It took me some time to know exactly what I needed, but in any case, we had to be quick about the collection, so a lot of material was collected, including leaves and seeds.

Back home, I separated the buds from the rest, which took mommy and I about 2 hours to do about half of it, and then later, I had to spend another 2 hours to finish the separation.

I then put the buds for drying in the basement. First I used the fan, but later decided to use the blower/heater and it worked great. In 2 days, the buds were quite dry.

The leaching process was quite ok (used Tony uncle's old turban to strain), but I struggled with the boiling off of the alcohol. I used the water method- placed a pan on top of a large bowl of boiling hot water. At first, the pan I used was very thick. So I replaced it with a paraat. Later, I realized that the bowl needs to be filled with hot water to the brim. So did that. And later, changed the water bowl every 5-7 minutes, so that the paraat could stay hot. The actual evaporation process was quite fast, once it started that is. At the end, I overdid it. The oil became too thick. Lesson learned- have to watch the pan like a hawk and take it off as soon as the bubbles disappear.

As a result, it was quite a struggle getting the oil into syringes. Mom was such a great help. In the end, we had to add some alcohol to thin the oil. I am not so sure about that part. Will surely avoid this dilution in the next batch.

All in all, I am very pleased with the effort and result. But I am anxious about its use.

Will Kismat aunty feel ok taking it?  I know the quantity I have is not enough to treat her cancer, but I have other fears. Will it give her an unnecessary high? Will she sleep better? Will it help her get better? If it were me using it, I would be bolder with its use. But with someone else, the responsibility is harder to shoulder.

I hope and pray this is the right thing to give her at this stage. I hope and pray that it will help her with insomnia and pain. 

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  1. All the best. We have been trying to procure the solvent here in Delhi. One pharmacist suggested Hexene for solvent but not sure whether it is the right thing.

    A very close friend has advanced stage of CJD and allopaths have given up. He is going downhill fast and his wife wld like to go the alternate therapy way. Have read that RSO has a great potential here too.