Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Little Magician

Aloka is turning into quite a magician. Here is her very original card trick!

Aloka: Nani, pick a card. Now check it carefully. Remember what card you have, okay?
Nani: Okay. 
Aloka: Now put it back with the other cards. 
(After nani puts the card back, the little magician shuffles the cards in her little hands with great difficulty)
Aloka: Now pick another card. Don't look, just pick a card, okay?
Nani: Okay, okay I won't look. 
(Nani takes a card without stealing a glance)
Aloka: Now look at the card. Is it a different card from before?
Nani: Yes, quite different!
Aloka: See, that's the magic!!!

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