Monday, December 5, 2016

Very Annoyed!

A young man from a nearby village comes to me twice or thrice a week to practice speaking in English. As he is appearing for a competetive in two weeks, he asked me to help him with some grammar issues he finds confusing. I don't teach grammar generally, but gave in because of his persistance and desperation.
Today, he asked me about the difference between "annoyed with" and "annoyed at". Here are the examples I used to explain the difference.
1. I am "annoyed at" the ad-hoc and random changes in the demonetisation-related rules. I am "annoyed at" the lack of preparation and risk management in the exercise.
2. I am "annoyed with" Modi for putting us all through this mess.
He he. Sort of makes up for my discomfort with teaching grammar. Simple pleasures!

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