Friday, January 7, 2011

What Anakin did for us

I was reading about some controversy about pets. Some scientists are doubting initial claims of the (physical and mental) benefits pets provide their owners. Got me thinking about Anakin and what he has done for us.

Anyone who spends a couple of hours in our house will see that Ana is not the center of the household. There are too many stars in the Singapore Anand family. He gets a little attention from one of us once in a while that's all. From me, he gets an occasional back petting perhaps once in 2 days and that too when he asks me for it. But let that not be the benchmark to judge his importance to us.

Before Ana came to our home, we were a bunch of broken people, Atta and I, with Mallika on the side- a strange disconnected fractured unit. Then Ana came into the house and held Atta, Mallika and I together and converted us into a family.

Instantly he made me the head of the family, made Mallika the boss of the household, and Atta the happy child he deserved to be.

That's what Ana did for us. No controversy about that!


  1. You are very lucky to have a quiet, undemanding,no bother, no problem, no trouble Anakin....In my case only Tubby is the saint, the other two treat us as furniture items and objects which they use to go out for walks.

  2. Ha Ha! You get what you deserve Arun.

  3. Sorry to read about ana. He really was a gentle giant. Even though i dont like dogs he was never intrusive. You have been an amazing mother and head of household puja!