Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday I asked Aloka what she wanted to breakfast. She thought a bit and then asked for a scrambled egg. Lost in my thoughts, I made a fried egg instead. Sunny side up, her usual favorite. When I offered her the plate, she looked at it and shaking her head said "I asked for a scrambled egg". I apologized and said "Come on, I made a mistake, eat it up, I know you like it". But the little lady firmly repeated "But I asked for a scrambled egg" and looked at me calmly.

Looking at her, I didn't see a nearly four-years old being difficult. I saw myself at a restaurant being served something I didn't ask for. What would be my reaction? The same, the very same. Was her reaction fair and reasonable? Absolutely. Was she a spoiled brat? Was I?

So I scrambled back to the kitchen and made a scrambled egg for the most special customer of mommy's kitchen!  


  1. Good one. My little one's are also demanding and their mood swing so frequently. They may refuse to get what they have asked to make. So, it's not so strange now a days as children are becoming more smart than they used to be in our times. :)

  2. For me, the lesson of motherhood is that kids may be small in size but they are not smaller in humanity. We tend to boss them around and even smack them when their behavior is not convenient to us. In this particular situation, I was able to see her behavior in context of my own in a similar situation and that made all the difference.