Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Messed up Messiah

Leave me to myself
My faults, my mistakes, my ingratitude
The door once open is now closed
So now when you enter, you intrude.

I have spoken long and loud
All but what you want to hear
"Save me, elevate me, give me a hand...
I am the fallen one, and thou my savior!"

How hard you try, I appreciate
To see this sinner's confessions made
Now it's time to play the Messiah
The lesser roles having all been played.

But see, how young I still am
To falter and fall is yet my right
I have what you long exhausted
Youth and hope are on my side.

And listen, I would have surely bowed in reverence
and followed you in faith that is blind
If you were half the God that I perceive
If you were half as good, or half as kind. 

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