Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Political Mystery with Extra-Large Under...err..tones

My brother Arun's home is a black hole for all clothes. Anything you wash and dry on the lines gets picked up and wrapped in a huge pile of clothes kept in a secret room, which is later sorted by whoever needs their clothes. Sometimes this sorting is delayed- as a result, there may be three or four huge piles of washed clothes at a time, any one of which could contain the piece of clothing you may be seeking.

Wary of this, I am usually quick to pick off my clothes from the lines as soon as they dry, and put them straight into my suitcase. One winter day, however, I forgot to pick up the undergarments I had washed the night before. As dreaded, they were nowhere to be found the next morning. Panic ensued as I started going through the piles of washed clothes in search of them.

Seeing my frantic state, my brother, referring not so subtly to the size of the undergarments I was looking for, quipped- "This is like a US political mystery. You know panta-gone!"

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  1. My sister Anu adds this:

    Normally when that pile becomes huge the presswala is summoned. Then he carries the pile in an auto rickshaw. He often brings back the clothes plus chappals and shoes that have gone along but only if they are not in pairs. I'm sure he keeps any complete sets for himself. I too have lost the device for 'the upliftment of the down trodden" in the same black hole.

    1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your device. The presswala's wife must have been thrilled to get a gift like that.

  2. You folks have totally missed the "order in chaos" theory ! The mundane activity of folding something and then unfolding it has been totally done away with !

    Try it can actually spend quality time instead with your my case the pets :)

    And as for the presswala, he is delighted to receive the next lot in order to complete the missing pairs :)


    1. Arun, do away with whatever you need to, as long as you have quality time for your PJ's and tricks.