Monday, December 31, 2012

I see those eyes, I feel those hands...

When I think of you,
Mostly I think of what went through your mind
At the moment you saw those leering eyes
At the moment you felt those groping hands.
When your world shifted in a terrible second
From being someone's much loved daughter
Someone's carefree giggly friend
Someone's loving protected sister
To an object of hatred and subjugation.

I stop there, I can think no more
The horror of it has me in its stronghold
I am trapped in that moment
When you, a child of the Universe
Free, evolving, still growing
Joyous at your existence as an independent being 
With your simple aspirations and dreams
Of a home, of love, of a life
Came in contact with pure evil.

I live that moment again and again
There's no turning away 
I cringe and wince, my heart churning
(I rush to hold my mother's hand, and to hug my child)
For each time when your world shifts, mine does too
And when you, in that dreadful moment
Realize what these men meant to do to you
Sweet girl, my sister, my daughter, me
I see those eyes too, I feel those hands too. 

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